Top Packaging Label Design Trends of 2024 for Brands

Label design trends are aplenty in today’s commerce of 2024. From food and beverage label designs to skincare packaging, household products, pharma, supply chain management, and more—the trends that surround packaging labels keep evolving from time to time. Ideally, a product’s label design captures the essence of its branding, identity, values, product information, date of […]

What are the Materials Used in Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Found on almost every household shelf, pressure sensitive labels are a market favorite forsellers and business owners. From wine bottles to confectionaries, aromatic oils to cookingessentials, there isn’t a packaging that is complete without pressure sensitive labels. In this article, we cover what pressure sensitive labels are, their functionalities across productpackaging, and the materials used […]

How to Design a Product Labels? The 10 Step Guide!

It is a label that makes a product brandable, marketable, and sellable. And to design a product label that sells, requires research, right tools and skills. This 10 step guide right here is your go-to article for A-Z of designing a quality label. What is a Product Label? A product label is a paper or […]